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Zap | z.sv7.cc

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Welcome to Zap!

z.sv7.cc is a social networking hub powered by Zotlabs | Zap, free and open-source software.

Users on this Zap instance can communicate with users on other Zap instances.

Additionally, Zap users can communicate with users on other compatible social networking sites such as Hubzilla, Epicyon, Friendica, Misskey, PixelFed, Pleroma, Mastodon and others that may use the Zot6 or ActivityPub protocols.

Registration on this site is closed.  However, you can sign up on any other
open Zap site, Hubzilla hub or install and run your own instance of Zap!

Use Zot-compatible sites (Zap, Hubzilla) for optimal privacy options and increased access control to your content.


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This site is powered by Zap
Version 20.02.13

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Federated and decentralised networking and identity services provided by Zot (https://zotlabs.com)
Federated transport protocols: Zot6, ActivityPub